Game Rules & Definitions

This is ‘reverse quiz” type of mind game. I try to guess your favorite man from Your mind. I ask 21 questions to you., you should say the answer for my 21 questions just “yes” or “no”. That’s enough. Your favorite man might be live or dead. and he may be from any fields . and he may be in even incidental famous.(for example…”EDWARD JOHN SMITH” he is the captain for TITANIC SHIP.) and my request is please you select the famous personalities those who is well known by you., because I may be ask anything., That’s why. 

If I ask that “any part of his or (her) name start with the following letters?: (for an example., if you thought Michael Jackson…his name has two parts, one is start with “M” and another part start with “J”., sometime somebody’s name has three parts too., like “Jagathese Chandra Bose”)

I classified all kind of people in 11 groups….

1) POLITICS ( rulers , kings, queens, ancient ambassadors, presidents, 
chief ministers, governors, presidents of various movements, founders of movements ,mayors, ….)

2) ARTS ( arts have two kind of arts., one is PERFORMING ARTS for an some example. Actors, singers, instrument players, carnatic singers , magicians, folk performers etc., and some example for NON-PERFORMING ARTS like sculpture,
painters, cartoonist, artist, cine technicians…etc.

3)LITERATURE (writers, poets, fiction and non-fiction writers ,translators etc) 

4) SPORTS ( I think no information need for this)

 5) SCIENCE ( scientists, mathematical science, medicine, space science, 
discoveries and explorers, inventors, etc….)
EXPLORERS & EXPEDITION  ( Those who are explore our world and discover new places Like vasco d agama, coloumbus etc

6) BUSINESS (chairman & owner’s for big corporate, C.E.O.s & richest people )
7) MEDIA ( Television , magazine ,and journalist people)example karan thapper, 
siddharth basu, arun shourie etc 


 8) RELIGIOUS ( founder’s of various religion, and religious orients people,
9) INCIDENTS ( people those who are come to fame by an one or more 
incidents., example…. Harshad Mehta, dodi al byth, charles chopraj, general O Tier, , ., etc…. 


10) SOCIAL ACTIVITIES ( the person who are famous in their social works., example… mehtha batkar, annai therasa…. Etc
11) PROFFESION ( Those who are famous from their works like doctors, chefs,lawyer, etC,,, for an example sashi tharoor, javid habib, sanjeev kapoor etc 

so this is the game., I may be win or lost., that’s doesn’t matter., just I like to remember that what I am reading from books and Net.